Things to do Newport Pembs beach

Things to do on the Wales Coast Path at Newport Pembrokeshire beach.

The wide sands of Newport beach and the Parrog invite further investigation, but personally, although I have not visited Newport myself, I would have to veer of the coastal path and make the three mile journey to the village of Nevern when I do get there.

Within the churchyard of Saint Brynach’s church in Nevern stands the 13-foot tall Nevern Cross, a 10th Century stone carved Celtic memorial.

Legends abound in this corner of Wales and the yew trees of St Brynach’s churchyard are no exception. One particular Yew tree bleeds a red liquid that trickles down the trunk before congealing in a blackened form.

According to legend, a monk was hung from the tree and it has bled ever since. The man declared his innocence and proclaimed that: “If you hang me guiltless as I am, the tree will bleed for me”