Things to do near Penrhyn Bay beach

Things to do near the All Wales Path at Penrhyn Bay beach.

This section of the coastal path is home to one of Wales’ most famous legends, that of Prince Madoc and the discovery of America. Legend has it that a Welsh Prince set sail from the Afon Ganol to discover America many years before Christopher Columbus.

Yes, it is from here that the Welsh Prince Madoc sailed west to escape internecine troubles in 1170 A.D. You can read more about the legend of Prince Madoc and the discovery of America here >

Suffice to say on this page that although the legend had been passed down from generation to generation it wasn’t until midway through the 20th Century that evidence surfaced to back the claim with the unearthing of a hitherto unknown stone quayside on the seafront at Rhos-on-Sea, just yards from the river bank mentioned in the old tales.

The stone wall and slate plaque commemorating the event is located in the private garden of Odstones, the sunken garden to the east of Rhos on Sea Golf Course