Things to do near Llandudno North Shore Beach

Things to do near the All Wales Path at Llandudno Beach

Family Connections:

Professor Codman’s Punch and Judy is situated close to Llandudno Pier and stands alongside the route of the All Wales Path. It is well worth pausing awhile to watch one of the traditional British seaside shows. The shows have entertained several generations of children – and their parents – on Llandudno promenade, and continue to be run by the same family, the Codmans, who founded the shows in Victorian times.

(I remember another member of the Codman family, Professor ‘Bert’ Codman who played the Colwyn Bay Punch and Judy with his dog Toby.)

In the summer months, you will also find the traditional donkey rides on the Llandudno North Beach sands. As with the Punch and Judy, the same family have run the donkey rides for generations.

My own family ran the horse rides on the neighbouring Colwyn Bay beach in the 1930’s but at 94 years of age (2012) my Mum has long since retired.