Colwyn Bay Beach

Things to do near Colwyn Bay beach

Things to do near to the All Wales Path at Colwyn Bay beach.

You can’t fail to notice the old Victoria pier, once a jewel in the crown of Colwyn Bay, now an eyesore. But worth checking out before it either falls down or is demolished on health and safety grounds. Also, keep your eye open for the peregrine falcon that often roosts at the far end of the pier. He uses the vantage point as a base to attack the local pigeon population.

I was on the promenade one day when I saw a bird being mobbed by seagulls, and as it came closer it appeared to be a pigeon carrying another pigeon in its claws.
I am sure this could not have been the case….I have heard of a carrier pigeon, …but not a pigeon-carrying carrier pigeon!
I can only presume it was the falcon with its latest take away meal.

Talking about meals if you are feeling peckish there is a popular Inn on the promenade in Colwyn Bay, The Toad, where you have a choice of fine meals and a mid-day specials mini-bite menu. (£5.00 as of 2012)

Approaching Rhos-on-Sea beach the Harlequin Puppet Theatre can be found adjacent to the Coastal Path – famed for being one of a very few theatres dedicated entirely to puppetry.