Things to do near Whistling Sands beach

Things to do on the Wales Coast Path near Whistling Sands beach.

Whether you like sand between your toes or not, this is one beach you will want to walk while strolling the All Wales Path.

Does the sand actually whistle? Well no, but it does squeak when walked upon – due to the high silica content of the sand.

It is a family friendly beach and considering its isolated location it has no shortage of facilities, and the toilets and the National Trust café can be a welcome site for walkers on the All Wales Path.

In the summer months the beach can be very popular with holidaymakers and some of the stuff they take down to the beach has to be seen to be believed. Sea Kayaks, tents, umbrellas, the traditional buckets and spades of course, and everybody seems to wear expensive wet suits, including the toddlers.

Its a great beach for rock pooling.