Things to do near Llanaber beach

Things to do on the Wales Coast Path near Llanaber beach.

High Churches and inundations :

You don’t need to divert from the North Wales Path to find Llanaber’s top attraction as the old church of Saint Marys and Bodfans stands alongside the path.

The old church on the hill top at Llanaber, Barmouth stands in its elevated position for a very good reason. Dedicated to Saint Mary and Saint Bodfan the church was founded by Bodfan, a Celtic Saint in the 6th century. Bodfan was the son of Helig ap Glannog whose lands, in what is now Conwy Bay, were destroyed by a great inundation of water.

Disaster struck one night and the lands were lost beneath the waves forever, and not surprisingly each of Helig’s sons subsequently established churches on the Uplands. Celynnin at Llangelynnin, Rhychwyn at Llanrhychwyn, (both in the moors high above the Conwy Valley) while Bodfan built his church high on the cliff tops at Llanaber.

They say the best example a father can make is a bad example and it was certainly the case for Helig and his three sons, as the churches of Rhychwyn, Celynnin, and Bodfan are still standing and remain to this day three of Wales’s finest old churches.

The church itself was built in the 13th Century and has examples of the early English style of architecture. Within the church are two inscribed stone memorials dating from the late 5th to early 6th century AD.