Things to do near Moelfre beach

Things to do on the All Wales Path near Moelfre beach.

Walkers on the All Wales Coastal Path might well pass the little harbour beach at Moelfre without a second glance. But stop in the harbour cafe or have a chat with the locals and ask about the Wreck of the Royal Charter.

For the rocky promontory to the south of the little bay was the site of the wreck of the sailing ship the Royal Charter. In October 1859, the ship was returning from Australia to the port of Liverpool, laden with both gold and the gold miners themselves. A storm forced the ship onto the rocks and although there were acts of bravery, 459 members of the crew and passengers were drowndead (as Charles Dickens might say).

Some say that gold was recovered, and cynics might think a glint of gold in an old man’s grin will give a clue to the rich history of the village of Moelfre.

The true wealth of Moelfre, however, was demonstrated by the care shown by the villagers and the vicar of the old church of Llanallgo. Here can be found 140 graves of the 459 victims of the shipwreck, whose bodies were cared for by the community following the disaster.