Things to do near New Quay beach

Things to do on the All Wales Path near New Quay beach.

Besides the beautiful beaches New Quay must be best known for the two D’s. Dolphins and Dylan.

I would strongly recommend any nature loving walker on the All Wales Coastal Path to visit the harbour at New Quay as it is the most reliable place that I know of in West Wales to see dolphins. A very short diversion from the All Wales Path to the harbour wall offers a great opportunity to see these delightful creatures in their natural environment.

I have visited New Quay harbour on three occasions and sighted dolphins close to the harbour wall on two of the three – with the added bonus of seeing a mother with its cub swimming alongside, right below the harbour wall.

The reference to Dylan refers to Dylan Thomas, the great Welsh poet – not Bob Dylan the American folk singer.

The great Welsh poet, and great Welsh boozer, spent many years in New Quay and a visit to the Black Lion Public House, one of his favourite haunts, can be made without veering far from the All Wales Path.