Things to do near Aberporth beach

Things to do on the All Wales Path near Aberporth beach.

Having both a pub and a cafe, Aberporth beach is a good place to stop for refreshments while walking the All Wales Coastal Path. Both offer fine views of the Bay, and it’s two beaches, with an added bonus for those interested in giant spiders.

Yes, if you are fortunate to pass by Aberdaron when the fishermen haul their catch ashore have a look inside the large blue tubs, you might well be surprised as the tubs can be filled to the brim with giant spider crabs.

When I visited some years ago I noticed the fisher-men landing their catch and immediately setting out to sea. Within two hours they had returned with the tubs replenished – full to the brims with spider crabs.

But you will need to check them out on the beach as you won’t find them on a local menu. Sadly, as with most seafood caught in Wales, it is quickly shipped to the south for consumption on the shores of the Mediterranean.